Jul. 25th, 2009

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So today I went to the mall to buy some shoes and the pet store had some shelter kittens up for adoption and they let me play with them! They are SO cute and little and squeaky. Kyle, does Shamu squeak? I never hear him squeak or anything. Although I only see him when he escapes, so that might explain it. Anyway, I played with kittens and bought shoes (blegh) and it was Good. :D

And then when I went to lunch, they goofed up my order, which wasn't a good thing, but they replaced it and gave me a free dessert because, well, they goofed up my order and so I had this really yummy chocolate lava cake and it was also Good. :D

And then I came home and there are babies in the basement, so I got to play with them for a little bit, too. and that was also Good. :D Babies are ADORABLE. I want a million of them someday. But not really a million, maybe like three or four because a million is just crazy. Also, OW, although I suppose I could adopt some of them.

So it's been a pretty Good day, altogether. :D Now if it just wouldn't rain tomorrow...

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